Collection: Mexas

Mexas is made up of two partners, but above all, friends: Jess and Borja. 

In October 2019 Borja came to Mexico and between them both they spent 15 days seeing suppliers in Michoacán and building the foundations of what is today MEXAS. They traveled several times to Sahuayo de Morelos, the place where they produce, to learn as much as possible from the artisans and artisans.

In January 2020 Jess moved from Mexico to Madrid and they were able to move forward much faster. From then on, a lot of work and dedication, until they launched the brand, by the whims of fate, a few days after the state of alarm was decreed in April 2020. We improvised a warehouse in a room of my house where - not yet I know how - we managed to fit 600 pairs of huaraches!