Collection: Manech Studio

Manech is a brand of women's clothing that was born with the idea of giving a twist to the market, betting on natural materials, top quality, with the illusion of reindustrializing those historical places in Spain that have had a tradition of textile industry and that little by little have been disappearing because of the massive shipment of production to other countries.

We are committed to the "slow fashion"  movement and recommend buying less, but of real good quality. Garments that last in your closet and pass from generation to generation. With a sober and elegant design.

Our wools are of Spanish origin as well as our leathers. We look for and carefully select the materials in order to offer the public a different, elegant and high quality product that stands out for the careful selection of natural fibers that make up each garment.

Our Manech (this is what we call and how we want our jackets to be known) are made of 100% wool or 100% leather. Thanks to this, they are perfect garments for both the mid-season and winter seasons, since wool, being a natural fiber, is an excellent thermal regulator that allows us to maintain an ideal balance between the body and the environment.

Manech Studio