Colección: Allour Studio

 Experiencing the Allour means being surrounded by an enchanting aura, while enjoying a unique and anachronistic ambience by wearing one dress, each time breathing scents that recreate vanished worlds, with a mixture of elegance, opulence and naughtiness. Each collection is designed by selecting fabrics, shapes and fittings that belong to the past, introducing them into a contemporary setting.

Every step of the supply chain is 100% based in Italy to guarantee quality and sustainability and exploitation of the country. 

AR is the heart of Allour. The project stems from the desire to minimize waste, enhancing the value of the materials used in the collections and revisiting their function, in order to create fancy accessories. 

New artisanal products 100% Made in Italy hold the glamorous and sophisticated essence of the brand, translated into unique pieces created with mix of shades and fabrics.

Allour Studio