Collection: Yama Malva

Yama Malva is a brand of leather handbags delicately handmade in Spain. We are Marisa Giménez and Marta Chianelli, two Argentinian designers. We love leather, textiles and care for the details. We live design through our creations, looking for the bag, that will make you feel unique, every day. We love simple and careless beauty, expressed through colors that inspire you and will always accompany you.

At Yama Malva we look for a better world. A world without pollution, without forced labor, with ethics. That’s why we support our artisans working locally, because they have known their craft better than anyone for ages.

We are all Yama Malva and Yama Malva is you.
At Yama Malva we write your story with a delicate piece. Inspired by stories of talented women in different aspects of life, we like to think that we create atemporal and unique pieces of art. Through our bags we tell the story of Onna, Tomoe, Jingu, Eva, Lil, Beatrix and Ella. All of them strong, special women. Each piece is a tribute to them, to you and to all of us who believe that we must leave a mark.

A Yama Malva bag has different ways to carry it, as many as women that choose them. Because it matches your style every day of the year. Because a good bag means more than fashion or season.

Because a Yama Malva bag is forever.

Yama Malva