Collection: Valentine Witmeur Lab

Born and raised in Brussels, Valentine has always been fascinated by fashion and everything related to aesthetics and design. In 2016, with her head full of creative ideas, her passion for entrepreneurship led her to launch Valentine Witmeur Lab. We are a Belgian brand specialized in knitwear collections for women. To achieve our mission, we pay special attention to the fit, the colours, and most importantly, the quality of the yarns and the finish of the garments.

The yarns are carefully selected in Italy and Portugal while the production is 100% handled in Portugal by a family atelier, well known for its high-quality knitwear craftsmanship and heritage. Working closely together allows us to get to know the amazing people behind (y)our products and to make sure all of the manufacturing processes respect our, their and your values. Each design is produced in reasoned and reasonable quantities to avoid overconsumption and to maintain the exclusivity of our products.

Our style is simple and comfortable. The kind of piece that you make your own, and accessorize to suit your personal style. Season after season, the collection has become more high-end and the label makes a clear statement with its strong identity. The design has evolved in a more mature and fashion direction.

Valentine Witmeur Lab